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The Awakening LIVE Documentary and Live Concert DVD: See the behind the scenes footage from Awakening Conference along with interviews and live concert footage from #Awakening13 with Jabin Chavez and Awakening Band.

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Awakening released their very first live CD with Jabin Chavez. This is something completely new and will be ground-breaking for Awakening! The album is now available on iTunes! Join us and spread the word!
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Catch On Fire

“Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn” -John Wesley

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Northeast Leadership College Tour

The Northeast Leadership College is designed with the mindset of developing leaders to strengthen and equip the local church. We believe the local church needs to be innovative, powerful and relevant to its surrounding culture. The church is a very unique organization that requires talented people in all the sciences of administration, as well as the arts. Bible and business schools do not address the very practical expertise needed in the local church. Our purpose is to mentor and train young Christian leaders in their specific area of talent and calling. Students will take one year of their life, give it to God, and get trained to be the leader they were called to be in our 9 month program.

Revival Is Messy

Revival is messy. Everyone wants it, but when it comes it is decried by the very religious leaders who begged for it in the first place. We forget that when the Spirit of God showed Himself in scripture it was through mighty works, fire (both physical and spiritual), demons manifesting and being cast out, and a fear of the Lord and His holiness. We are so unaccustomed to seeing the power of the Holy Spirit in our churches that when he shows up in power we don’t know what to do with Him. We want to rationalize and understand intellectually what God is trying to do in our soul. Its an impossible task…. The last saturday night of Awakening Conference was foreign to many young people and leaders who have never encountered the Holy Spirit in such a powerful way, but we must be careful not to shut down simply because we don’t understand what God is doing. Heres a few things I believe the Holy Spirit did during the conference, and how we should react to them.

Lets hit the hardest one first. There was a group of people who underwent some very deep deliverance from spirits that had a grip on their life. These spirits were not cast out easily and the situation was not pretty,this isn’t anything new, but exactly what happens when Jesus shows up- demons flee and people are set free. We don’t see this much in modern church culture, but maybe we need to, because people need to be free from the spirits that have had a grip on their life. The Holy Spirit will do in one hour of deliverance what couldn’t be done in 1,000 hours of counseling. If we seek the revival of the Holy Spirit in peoples lives then we must be ready to remove the other spirits in their life first.

The spirit of prophecy has been given to the body to encourage and build it up. Many people got prophetic words during Awakening from the speakers and from leaders. Now i wouldn’t necessarily get behind all the words and prayer spoken over everyone as I do not personally know anyone other than the speakers and the leaders of our church (who I wholeheartedly trust), but I do know that prophecies function is to encourage a believer and affirm what the Word of God decrees over their live and what the Holy Spirit is already speaking to them. I don’t just allow anyone to prophecy over me, and am always using the discernment that the Holy Spirit has given me to check if the words being spoken over my life are coming from His spirit or a False Spirit. This responsibility is always on the one receiving prayer.

The Holy Spirit always meets the need of the individual. This is why some cry, others roll, some laugh, and others clap- because everyone is receiving exactly what the Spirit has for them which is different person to person. There were many fathers hugging sons, and friends repenting and weeping with each other, still others took their drugs and threw them on the altar. Through this time the Holy Spirit was restoring peoples lives. Some cried as he restored their love for the lost, others laughed as he restored joy, others shouted praise as their destiny and calling was restored, and still others worshipped as He restored their faith. The Holy Spirit restores what the Enemy has stolen, and this looks different for different people, but God is always faithful to fulfill their deepest needs.

We must remember that the Holy Spirit is not a force or a feeling but a person and a member of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is God just as Jesus is, and He can be accepted, offended, grieved, or welcomed. We must all keep our reverence toward the Holy Spirit as He moves, and not try and shackle him with our precepts or intellect. Instead we welcome the Holy Spirit, as messy as He is, to right what is wrong in the deepest recesses of our hearts. This generation doesn’t need more medication, education, or experimentation- it needs the Holy Spirit and the power of God working in their lives. I pray that Awakening Conference 2013 was as impacting for you as it was for us, and we are excited to see you all next year!

2 Cor. 3: 17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Jordan Boyce
Awakening Pastor


Awakening Conference 2013 Trailer

Registration: $49 (Before March 1st) | $79 (Both Conferences)
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– Call: 401-232-5200

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Dates: April 18-20 & 25-27, 2013
Location: New Life Worship Center (Smithfield, Rhode Island)

Rich Wilkerson Jr, Robert Madu, John Gray, Adam McCain, Chad Veach, Aaron Gillespie, Jabin Chavez, Jude Fouquier, Mark Francey

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Carlos Leite – Graphics
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Awakening in 2012

Awakening has done many incredible things in the span of just one year. We cannot forget the great achievements God has done through our work in just one year.  Here are the top 7 achievements of Awakening in 2012!

Awakening Band Released their Debut Album “No Other Name”.


Support the band and buy their album!                                                                                            iTunes:                                                                                          Physical:

The Leadership Collective

Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 11.07.07 PM

In July God put it on our heart to train young leaders in the principles of Youth Ministry. Within a week we had built a site, uploaded hundreds of hours of content from the best Youth Pastors in the nation, and launched The Leadership Collective. We have seen an incredible response with over 10,000 people visiting the site in the past 5 months, and with our upcoming Forum we have no plans of slowing down.

The Awakening Youth App


The Awakening App is the one stop location for ALL of our content. It has music from Awakening Band, weekly sermons from Awakening Youth, and all the Awakening Conference Content you could ever want. It also provides training for young leaders via The Leadership Collective! With over 3,000 downloads this app is having a major impact!                                                                                               iTunes:                                                                                          Android:

Awakening Conference 2012 Sold Out!


Awakening Conference is officially 7 years old and we are seeing Gods grace pour out on it in an incredible way! Awakening Conference 2012 was the best conference we have ever put on, and it sold out a month early by the grace of God. This year we are doing 2 Conference in order to allow EVERYONE to experience Awakening!

The Hub


Awakening Youth sees hundreds of youth visit within a month, but many times these young people never get plugged in to the Church. This summer we set out to fix that problem by launching “The Hub” online and building out a physical hub in our Venue. We now have a place where someone can sign up for a Crew, Team, Club, Event or have any question about Awakening answered by one of their peers. ReDesign

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 12.03.31 AM

In January we launched a fully redesigned site with the purpose of continually keeping fresh content on the frontage.We made the site social so that youth could share whats happening with their friends across multiple social media accounts. is a place where young people in Rhode Island can visit before they ever visit our church, and re-think what Church should be like.

UNITEDnight with Robert Madu

unitednight-main graphicThis night was altogether insane. Over 600 people showed up in a snowstorm. The Awakening Band & The ReTake pulled off the most killer intro, and Robert Madu did what he does best- Preach the Gospel.

Awakening Youth | The Mill

328999_294526250606049_49531145_oWe launched our second Awakening Campus in January 2012 at New Life Fall River. We have over 60 youth that meet monthly at The Mill, and are beginning to impact the Great City of Fall River. We are looking forward to the future when we will be able to go to weekly services, and awaken that great city!

Lastly, I want to thank all the incredible Awakening Youth Leaders. Whether you are a Core, Crew, Team, or Club leader you are the reason this movement is unstoppable, and it is an honor to serve beside you. The best is yet to come!

– Jordan Boyce


ImageRead. Eph. 5:14

“This is why it is said: “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”


One day Jesus was walking home from visiting the temple and noticed a large funeral. He spoke to the crowd saying, “The child is not dead, but asleep”. They mocked him. There was no desperate hope in their soul, there was no belief in their heart, and many of the people in the crowd were there out of obligation or being compensated to wail as if they truly cared for the girl. Jesus put everyone out except for the parents and 3 disciples and then did what Jesus does- He healed the little girl. She awoke and arose to the astonishment of those in the room.

The difference between those who were put out and those who were allowed to witness the miracle was their belief. While the miracle mattered little to those outside, to the family that desperately wanted to see their daughter awakened, and to the disciples whose whole life was dedicated to Christ the miracle mattered greatly. We, as Christians, are consistently faced with the choice of being a part of the wailers or a part of the awakeners, the question is, are we still desperate for a miracle in our relationships, our schools, our region or have we given up hope? Too many Christians cry over the state of things when it is convenient, but laugh when God challenges us to expect a miracle. It strikes me with fear that God may have to remove me from a situation before he can speak a miracle into it. Instead, I want to be a disciple that can be counted on to bring awakening to those who have fallen asleep. I’d rather be astonished that Jesus actually came through in a situation than never see it happen because I gave up hope too early.

I believe Jesus isn’t done awakening young people who have fallen asleep, and he is using those who believe that no matter what the circumstances look like- Jesus can change them. I believe that young people who are awakened by Jesus will arise from their sin, their filth, their death and arise to be used by Jesus.


1. Pray for God to bring awakening in a situation that seems totally helpless- and watch him do it with your faith
2. If you’ve given up on something as lost, ask God to help your unbelief, and start looking for a miracle