The Northeast Leadership College is designed with the mindset of developing leaders to strengthen and equip the local church.  We believe the local church needs to be innovative, powerful and relevant to its surrounding culture.  The church is a very unique organization that requires talented people in all the sciences of administration, as well as the arts.  Bible and business schools do not address the very practical expertise needed in the local church.  Our purpose is to mentor andtrain young Christian leaders in their specific area of talent and calling.

Prayer, Instruction and Practical Ministry Training are the core elements of the Northeast Leadership College.

  • As it is a pillar in one’s relationship with God, we will start each morning in corporate prayer and will also encourage and provide times for a personal prayer life to be developed and strengthened.
  • Our students’ weekly classes will be taught by men and women who have proven themselves as leaders in the faith and who have dedicated their lives to the building of the local church.
  • Ministry training is something the Northeast Leadership College strives to excel in.  Each student will choose a major and a minor track to work in throughout the entire year.  Students will learn both the spiritual and practical side of their ministries, along with how to serve and how to lead.

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